Master Seller Partners

Sunstor is dedicated to helping provide you with all the support needed to be the best in the industry, so we have put our best "foot forward" and provided you with our best tools and training to help you navigate through the "murky waters" of the Solar EPC world. 

We provide Twice a week Process and Sales philosophy training to all partners! Full Visibility to all your accounts and Amazing Project managers! 

To Sign up as a Master Seller please use the link Below:

Onboard yourself as a Master Seller

If you have any questions, please contact Pedro Velazquez

Pedro Velazquez | Director of Partner Relations Is available to help you. Pedro comes to you with over a decade of sales experience and over 3 successful years in the solar industry. Reach out to him with questions from process to Commissions. Phone: 510.829.9236 Email:


Commission Payout terms: 

$1000 will be paid out the Friday following Permit Approval. The remaining Commissions will be paid the Friday following Final Inspection Completed.

Master Seller Pricing

In an effort to simplify the sales process and streamline our inventory we have decided to go with the Good, Better and Best Options. Below is listed the Companies new Standard Pricing.


If an EPC partner chooses to charge the customer more then these rates, Sunstor will split the extra profit 50/50% EX: Charge customer 4.50 on 20 yr 5.99% for a good product package. 25 cents over suggested price minus 10% dealer fee from 20yr 5.99% loan, is 22.5 more cents profit, 50% split leaves the master seller with 11.25 cents. 

PPA's not subject to the price cap. Split on PPA or Lease is 50/50% on any PPW above $4.20


Pricing Guideline 

Better Q-Cell - 315 BoB with3.99% Sunlight - comes with Standard 10 year workmanship and manufacturer warranties.

Best - 355 Solaria "Bumper to bumper" 25-year warranty on Products and With 3.99 Sunlight.