Setter Performance Standards 

Hourly Jr. Setter understands that they are on a 90 day Trial period and they need to get 8 appointments every week that results in 2 sit's every week and results in 2 closes each month. Hourly Sr. Setter needs to understand that they need to get 9 appointments that result in 3 sits each week that results in 4 closes each month.

Commission only Setters - Will be paid $200 per KW the next weeks regularly scheduled Payroll. 


Updated Commission Payouts for Master Sellers. 

 $1000 will be paid out the Friday following Permit Approval. The remaining Commissions will be paid the Friday following Final Inspection Completed. 


Hourly Sales Plus Commissions Payout Policy  

Hourly Sales Representatives are Expected to sell their “Contractual Minimal sales, net of Cancels”. Any month that your sales do not exceed 50% of your “Contractual Minimal sales quota, net of Cancels” will result in 0 commissions paid out on these projects as these projects will be used to offset Salary paid for that month. 0 Sales will warrant a write-up and termination based on the discretion of the management.

Incentive and Referral Bonuses or Gifts over $5.00  are not allowed or Paid by Sunstor 

No SSS sales rep can or should make these types of promises. We will reject any contract in which the homeowner has been promised anything other than a quality solar installation. Moreover, A homeowner could accuse SSS.  Furthermore, such a promise of a "free" cruise is NOT lawful. Indeed, California law prohibits promising a homeowner anything of value in exchange for signing a home improvement agreement. The only exception is if the homeowner is offered a gift, not to exceed $5.00 in value, that is given regardless of whether or not the homeowner signs a home improvement contract. This prohibition comes from CA Business and Professions Code, Section 7157: 


Termination from Company and Commisions- All projects that are not installed upon the day of termination belong fully to Sunstor Solar and commissions will be paid out at the discretion of SSS. 


Roof Policy -THIS IS FOR ALL SUNSTOR REPS INCLUDING MASTER SELLERS: Process for a roof quote -  Request the roof quote through your RFP form, Mike & Co will provide you with a roof only roof & Solar combo quote.  If the customer chooses to go with the roof quote a roof CIA will be sent out by our sales support team. THIS IS THE ONLY WAY WE WILL PROCEED WITH ROOF JOBS.  There is no exception to the rule.  Sunstor will take care of all process and cost associated with the process. This is not negotiable.  -Roof Jobs must be contracted between Contractor and homeowner. Funds will be dispersed to the homeowner when Solar project is finished. 


Amendment to Payment terms - In an effort to Align Sunstors Commission payout with our primary Install Partner AHE we have made the following changes to our payout structure. Effective immediately; *Install Commission will be paid out The Friday following the 14th day of Funding received from (Loan pal, Dividend, Vivint or Sunrun, and Cash) and no sooner than 7 days after Sunstor receives funding from AHE. *NTP Funds (if applicable) will be paid 7 business days after Suntor receives funds from AHE.


Account ownership policy - Any account that does not have documented (Base notes) communication between the rep and customer Within 30 days it's sacred!  If a deal is stolen within the 30 days, 100% off the commissions will be paid to the rightful owner of the account.   Any project outside of this is fair game and is free of the previous ownership. 


Price Per Watt Policy CAP -Going forward to ensure we are following all of our lending institutions policy’s and protecting the best interest of our customers and Sunstor we are enforcing the following : On all projects including :  (Cash, Finance, PPA and Lease)  - Not to exceed $5.00 per watt (solar only)  - All incentive money to be paid out by rep out of personal commissions not from Sunstor. Incentive money is included within the max allotment of the $5.00 per watt. All amounts over $5.00 per watt will be split profits between Sunstor and the Sales Partner. 


Commissions advance - Sunstor reserves the right to refuse or to service commission advance request. The request will be reviewed on a case by case basis and shall not exceed 50% of requesting reps total pipeline. If awarded, the charges are 15% for advance amount approved and payable at next commissions awarded to rep. 

Sunstor Affiliates and reps are not to contact our install Partners . All questions are to be directed to Sunstor