Sell Smart Home with Vivint!

Vivint Smart Home is an excellent add on to solar. They stand behind the mission to take control of your energy and security. Their range of smart home devices will lower the waste in a customers home, so there is more energy that can be used for things like cooling, or heating, or just to save money!

Very easy prodcut to sell as stand alone on the doors or as an add on to solar.

If you are a setter and sale this product as a stand alone you must get a picture of the bill and set an appointment for your closer. This will count as a solar appointment, but you can set it us as an energy expert will come in to make sure they know how to use the smart home and to tell you about the savings the thermostat will provide, along with other energy savings tips (the biggest one being solar!)

If you bundle smart home with solar make sure you show solar only as 4.99% or 5.99% and solar plus smart home as a 3.99% price. (use 3.99% pricing on both rates for the solar.)


-Email Prows to onboard you

-You will recieve an email from vivint with your login credentials. Forward that to And say ”place me into the following office: (GM DEALER PLATINUM SALES GROUP) Under the following Management Group: (GM DEALER NATHAN SKOUSEN)”

-Go to and go to resources, then apps, and downlaod apps

-Sales App-has presentations and product presentations

-Sky Panel Emulator is like your showing them a system at your house

-Street Genie is how you process the sale

-Digital Survey is them doing the survey on an app instead of over the phone. They have to have a face facing camera though as customer has to answer their questions through a video recording thier face Manage

(you must trust Vivint first on your device. Go to settings then general the profile and device management)

Next is getting your license 

Step 1: Email and and ask for the California licensing application with your name and Badge ID.

Step 2: google live scan location nearest you, go there with your filled out application that you received back from Vivint after you filled it out.

Step 3: Have vivint pay for your lives can Scan over the phone by calling OneStop: 877-327-5279

Step 4: Scan your live scan form (after it’s filled out and completed) and email it back to and and state your name and badge ID on the email as well as tell them that it’s your live scan form for the state of California. UPS will do livescans and scan and email back for you

Step 5: You should receive an email back from the state of California addressed BreeZee, it will have a temporary password for the state of CA license.

Step 6: FWD that email from BreeZee with the temporary password back to and Step



Trusting Vivint on Device

Training Videos

-Training videos from selling to product training will be on under videos. You can go through the seasons and see all the training videos. We will be posting Door training videos here soon. Please go through all Product training as well as overcoming objections training.

-We will also be steaming all of vivints morning meetings during the summer on the Smart Home group in workplace. This is also your source for answers with smart home as well will reps from Vivint on there. If you are selling it daily be on these live feeds as it will help you hit high numbers! 

-Street Geenie will have a training video when you log in on how to use it to track your knocking and process your sales

-The sales app will have product training videos and presentation videos for the customer


Vivint prices things just like the cell phone companies.

If you pay cash for the equipment you just have the monitoring fee and it is month to month

If you want the equipment for $0 out of pocket you pay for it with either a 42 or 60 month contract

Payout is based on the monthly service fee (FSR) and the equipment sold

Monthly service fee can range from $34.99-$70

Equipment will be anywhere from $800-$2500

This example below is $70/month service fee $2800 equipment